Bengaluru in & out


The City of Green, Technology, People and Food

Wrapped in the aesthetic ambience and subtle beauty, this city cajoles you to step out of your comfort zone and just go out there to explore the alluring vast gardens, the breath taking monumental structures dating back to the 1800s and some places of worship that took shape in the 12 & 1300s. This resplendent city today is the silicon valley of India that boasts of the next generation technology in various fields industrially and commercially and also an education hub that beckons students not only from the length and breadth of India but also from various parts of the world.


Bengaluru sitting comfortably on the Deccan Plateau 3000ft above sea level is also famed for its pleasant weather conditions all year long and more than everything, the weekend getaways. Yes, there is more to this city at the periphery which will simply stupefy and flabbergast you. Adventurers, Sightseeing enthusiasts, Photographers, Family picnickers, cyclists or people who just fancy long drives…..well guys, there is something in store for all of you. Surrounded by prodigious hills, beautiful valleys, magnificent waterfalls, lakes and also uncanny caves to mention a few, guess your itinerary will never run out of places to visit !! What more can you ask for ?!

Foodies destination-

Being a metropolitan city that it is, Bengaluru (earlier Bangalore) has always been known for its food joints. Foodie much ?? Well, this is the place……from those soft puffed up delicious rice cakes locally called Idli’s, the round tortilla shaped delicacy that goes with the name Dosa, the yummy donut shaped dainty they call ‘Vada’….Mama Mia !! I can just go on all day, yet be missing out on a lot more. The menu would still be left incomplete without mentioning the city’s favorite Bonne Bouche, the legendary Mysore Pak, a rich sweet dish prepared with butter and gram flour. Also to mention among others, Gokak Karadantu.

Well that’s not it, bengalurians are also absolute fanatics of street food. Well yes, this city boasts of both street food vendors who run in 1000’s all the way to some very attractive food trucks, sometimes you would just wonder where do so many people come from ?! Each one of these places with a mad rush of people flocking around it waiting for their orders to be placed and more than that, they don’t just settle with one order per person!! Delicious ??! That’s just an understatement.

That’s not it, as mentioned earlier, the handsomely designed food trucks will make you go gaga, from BBQ to Spicy Mexican, Sea food to the Punjabi delicacies, Multi Layered Sandwiches to the Big Fat Burgers…name it, you got it all.


Bengaluru simply has so much to offer !! Always welcoming, rich in culture and a city that will always stay very close to your heart.

For Bengaluru with Love

By Abinay Rao





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