“Love you Zindagi”


Nothing fancy but let me say it too- “Rather bizarre how the world works”

You could be as much of a Gandhi in some aspects, or perhaps even a manifestation of the unlimited resource of goodness, yet the forces of the universe come together to still unnerve your very self, and before you even know it, you’re in the same realm of the rat race to prove yourself to the world.

‘What is good and what is bad?’, Is goodness the least effective formative stage of just a little kinky evil? Well at least that’s what i’ve been observing for years now. 

No, am sorry to say this, but being a good person does not give credit where and when deserved, perhaps the generation now, questions your very intent. 

Funny that you might say? Let’s observe a situation, a very simple one….

A stroll up the road, a bright sunny morning, people with their normal routine, in the vast expanses of normalcy and crisp silence, there’s this walker just like me but maybe started late today, the usual good man crosses to the other side of the road, as I look back and say to myself- ‘Not the usual stuff as i’m more used to seeing him being on the other side’..….couple minutes pass, still heading down that pathway, and the same person now closer than before *NO Readers, it does not work that way if you have that dirty amused smile on your face* 

I reach to my back pocket pulling out my not so fat black leather wallet and stuff it out front in my denim just below the watch pocket with the phone already comfortably there, and continue my path. What followed next was to my surprise, a hand reaching out to me over my shoulder with a hoarse voice- ‘Sir, I believe you dropped this!’, handing over a reciept that I probably dropped off while shifting my leathery possession, I thanked this good man and walked away in embarrassment for having judged him.

Now you might be expecting me to go into self analysis and feel bad for me having thought of this kind man otherwise, or maybe not, although let me tell you- ‘absolutely not’.

Yes I agree, my doing was an extra safety precaution that is well explained, but either ways what I’m trying to communicate is a simple logic…‘Trust’.

As I now slowly shift focus to a more relevant yet assisted topic, let’s talk- ‘Personality’

How much do we know about personality?

In simple words, similarity of mankind in terms of human nature and a sense of humanity, yet different and unique in their own way. No two people can be alike right? Not even twins perhaps, else we’d all weird out am sure. Then why is it that acceptance of a person’s nature or their very being, their outlook and their behaviour is so difficult? Why are we so biased and what explains our bigotry?

Diversity in your very neighbourhood comes down to criticism faster than a white guy you see for less than a minute and pass. Always remember- “You’re not too smart to criticise, rather you are your own biggest insecurity in such a case”.

Things have gone further out of hand these days with the young adults barely in their 20s. They don’t trust a good person much with the not so good looks, but rather trust someone who smokes up all day, loafs around with no sense of purpose, drinks all day and probably even gets laid with a different one every night. My point is not that you shouldn’t trust the latter, but just showing you this so called modernisation you’re victim to that’s made safety an affaire of the long gone past for the simple reason of the lack of ability to differentiate, and understand what is or is not good for you and your social and mental health.

Yes I completely understand, the generation we live in begs more caution and keeping your eyes wide open at all times, but should we not give life one more chance?

We are often hurt so bad, from the smallest of the emotionally damaging situations to the scars that are left by the disastrously unbearable moments we all go through, be it in relationships or perhaps family problems, friendship or by just the thought of how people think of us and before we know it, we’re lost in the identity crisis and more so shadowed by sands and oceans of insecurity.

But maybe can we treat every moment specially and allow our feelings to flow and also allow the good vibes to come in everyday no matter what the circumstances might be, and give ourselves that much deserved treat everyday for just a few minutes with or by doing something that makes us happy and content from within and rejuvenates us enough to compensate for the rest of the day. 

If there was only happiness sweet child, the world would not have been so exciting and refreshing. Sadness and despair are those testing times when our real self comes to the test and teaches us the importance of life and people in it. People are not bad, situations change them, but can we allow and accept that and help them be better? Can we all make the effort to allow people be who they are while we become the helping hand for them to be better today than yesterday and even better tomorrow than they are today?

Yes darling, we’ve all been hurt sometime or the other in our lives, and with no means to express, and no person to trust with our lives, throwing out all our agony and hurt and bleeding away on facebook and other social media with posts filled with hatred and abuse showing the world how we’ve been treated and trying so hard to convince ourselves and make ourselves feel better knowing fully nothing will now change anything, for those scars some people or some moments have left in our lives will only bleed more than maybe heal, as there is no way we are allowing life that one more chance to let heal by the simplest act of allowing that one good thing to come and happen to us.

Today with tears and complete understanding of what happened to your beautiful inner self, I beg of you to give life another chance, let life help heal you, for you are a wonderful person deserving those bright flowers in the morning, or maybe that one happy cup of brew as you smile sitting next to the positive vibes of the boundless sunshine near the window.


Life is just so beautiful, so beautiful that if we can smile through the hardest of times and say to ourselves this will pass, the forces of this infinite universe will come together, hold us and take us away to a more happier place or give us more happier moments to cherish. In the end I would like to say, right this moment after you are done reading, Hug that one person who makes you happy or that one person who’s made all the difference in your life and start afresh tomorrow, because life happens only once, let’s make it count? Please?

“Love you Zindagi”

12 Replies to ““Love you Zindagi””

  1. Being a regular reader of your blogs…… appreciate your efforts to blend modern life with basic emotions……… Life is happiness……… Happiness is Life!! Keep writing….. awaiting for your next blog

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  2. God what all goes inside your generation ‘s head!! :). And I always thought your generation has it all :). Cheers to the heart felt writing.

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  3. A very Good attempt to discover life in your own way… You made your point very clear to respect each person for what he or she is and not to judge ever, cos u only see it your way always and never the other persons way, this eventually leads to breach in trust, and losing the relationship forever. The ending was very soothing at assuring though.. good show… keep up the good job.

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  4. “Life is just so beautiful, so beautiful that if we can smile through the hardest of times and say to ourselves this will pass, the forces of this infinite universe will come together, hold us and take us away to a more happier place or give us more happier moments to cherish. ” Favourite!
    Good one 🙂

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