“The girls’ attention that wasn’t”


It’s like the crappiest world just becomes a bed of roses the moment a gal just gives you that cute smile *Duhh! that obviously meant nothing….to her :/*, yet you mistake that for attention *like just why*, while she sets her hair behind that cute ear *who finds that cute..argh* as she walks past *melodramatic much…like really ?*, and before you realize you are already mentally flipping leaves of the Yellow Pages *white pages for ’em whites* searching for contact details to the nearest fitness gods’ play crib *that meant the Gym…just in case you were wondering*.


Guys will be guys right, especially when all these days the nicest a gal was to you *yeah, what follows is the nicest to an unattractive one*, was when you were caught staring at ’em mammary glands of hers’ *for science deprived souls, in lay man’s english they rhyme with crests and leubbe* and she quickly walked ’em up *I meant she walked up* to you when you barely could switch your sitting eyes back up to that frown of a cat’s arse she was there to give *if you’ll pardon my french* warning you to not do that again *yeah she spared that slap* as she walked away with an uncontrollable sarcastic smile *was it a smile or a scorn?!*, as she was still quizzed if your head *the guys’ head obviously* was down with guilt or the stare spectrum just shifted to her short skirt *such pervs today, I tell you…*.

Rolling back to recent day, So yes, that smile of a gal, somehow it’s like the most magical thing that can happen to man *definitely after Chris Angel*. What follows after, could for some be dangerous to life if they instantly start day dreaming, and get hit by a truck. It’s like we men have for donkey’s years been victim to misconception the minute it comes to the opposite sex.

Especially i’m sure the ones with average looks can understand exactly what I mean. But let me tell you what others won’t, even if you are so gifted today to get some attention, don’t catch the wrong train, remember the country’s male population and also note this when I tell you, an easy 99% are probably still single and you aren’t the only one getting lucky today or who probably got some attention *good for you if otherwise…am serious, gals know what I mean*.


So maybe let’s take one example, this guy we’re talking about would probably be that anyday metal freak, one being funded by his father for his daily expenses *those expenses start at MJ and end at hard liquids, typical right*, so yes..an average guy with average goals in life *don’t get me started on that one:D*, and when guys have been his only company since childhood, you know exactly what goes through him when some attention takes the ride towards a barely sober him one fine morning after a high night.

“Fade to Black” by Metallica, that was on repeat mode for 5 times the past one hour, *yeah 5 times…like for actual* on his headset while he was lazing around as usual on that smelly beanbag that probably got it’s last shower when pigs flew during Chaplin’s time, just took a historic shift to a pop number, more so, welcomed by Whitney Houston’s – “I have nothing” while he stared at the cracked ceiling of his PG Accomodation room dreaming of a bed of roses with that gal *yeah, like that indian bed on the first night…yes, and that glass of milk, absolutely all that…you’re with me if you thought this* with muddy legs resting on the carpet *you’ll know why…hold on*.

So that gal, he met accidently while he ran his arse down to the backyard as early as 10:00 in the morning *yeah that’s early after 2 bazooka joints and hard rigged liquor, don’t pretend to be quizzed now*, to grab the bottle of Coke that fell off the windowsill last night half full with a weirldy colored mix of Baltic Tea and a cap that that wasn’t fastened prior to it’s landing, before the landlord takes his red carpet walk to that dearly loved flower bed of his to water them right after breakfast as usual, which this morning had Santa’s christmas gift *hypothetically ofcourse* lying in the midst of it *Not exactly, but i’m sure nothing else explains that bottle that landed from the middle of nowhere right ?!*.

So all this passerby gal gave him was that one smile *we know when they do that, don’t fall for it*, but yet he did, got so lost in that smile that he could barely feel the lash of the old man’s walking stick on his rear, yes that was the landlord. What’s worse, he barely realized his legs were literally sinking in the moist mud of the landlords’ beloved garden *moisture courtesy of the far reaching sprinklers from the neighbours backyard through the net*, as she walked off looking away but he could barely move his eyes an inch except the head moved in her direction with the puppy dog eyes literally waving goodbye as she left from his sight for the day *am sure gals reading this by now are like…Awww! DON’T..SAVE IT ;D*.

Seconds later he made amends with both – “reality” and “his fate”, and headed back up to his room and changed the track playing on his iPod as he laid to rest on the beanie.

“Dedicated to all the men out there who are starving for some attention from the other sex, I empathize with you all”

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