“Across the barbed wire”


Often lost in the pandemonium of  erratic thoughts, life like the deck of cards might just slip the wrong finger and float onto the ground influenced by gravity until the ‘tsk!’ at the thumb takes the deadening weightless landing with a little or no sound. This is how soon we give up in our tough times, knowing we can make things right.

That discomfort, the breath of uneasiness in the air or the confusion in the head continuously asking where did you go wrong?!.

Repurcussions may include punching the wall, or breaking the nearest object (particularly something more fragile), as the sound of its’ shattering perfectly correlates to the current state of mind.

Temporary comfort achieved. Clock ticks, time passes by, nothing’s changed!

Comes a moment when you convince yourself everything’s just fine, but is it?’.

They ask you to settle and forget as you couldn’t face it, but would you, knowing that you can or could’ve. That feeling of regret already eating you away bit by bit, and we all are the Lions of our own kingdoms in our solitary presence right, be it the bathroom or in the study. But in reality, there is that something that always holds you back. Maybe fear, anxiety, lack of self confidence or mere nervousness perhaps.

A new morning, a new day, you wake up to do things differently today. Let’s make a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, make yourself some bread and eggs. Perfect start!

Off to work with a smile on the face, but hold on…A smile?

What’s changed today? The routine or just waking up on the right side of the bed, if there is such a thing as the right side!

But you know they’d recognise that pretentious smile, and probably a topic of gossip for the day, yet you still choose to wear that on, as long as it stays. Now comes the part where you’re put to the test of time.

Back to the daily routine of tasks, immutable unlike the morning routine.

Optimism. Yes, of course. This should do the task. Oath taken for the day and carry on with work.

They stomp on you, go all over you, curse you, judge you, not necessarily in your presence, but you realise anyway. Could be anywhere, at work, maybe even school or college or at social get-togethers. You still choose to listen, bear with it, forget it and move on. So much for Optimism right?’.

In this generation as fast changing as today, you can’t possibly be on the same page as Aristotle on this one when he says- “There is only one way to avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing”. 

Criticism, be it healthy or constructive, aesthetic or factual, negative or judgemental, end of the day everything boils down to how you embrace it and deal with it. Every person is different and this is the universal truth. The factors that make you who you are start from your very upbringing, your social status, the education you’ve recieved, the knowledge imbibed and most importantly the experiences both good and bad that you have been through in this journey of life.

No one would say this to you, but being criticised is the first sign that you are normal, it is always for your better when you welcome it with arms wide open. It’s human to be bogged down and feel let down in such situations, but stand up and face it. Life has more and more of that coming and the faster you learn to accept it and do something about it, the better you get at this game called Life.

You could be victim to Criticism in any walk of life, after all it’s human to err right, or maybe the jealousy of you always being right that they can’t stomach.

That being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t doing something right. Faster you look at it in their perspective, the sooner you can answer the why that follows with it. Always welcome criticism with open arms. Never make it your weakness, as this might be your chance to improve.

Many a times we think we are outstandingly good at something, but we fail to understand that there is always room for improvement and the best way to realise that is either going back to your drawing board, or when a third’ picks on it. But either which ways, remember to take it in the right spirit.

Although at times it might also be associated with jealousy and hatred, do not hesitate to confront & ask why he or she did so, regardless of age, status, etc. Always approach/confront when necessary, but with kindness and care. Always be humble and polite and sure you can also go the extra mile to thank them for the critique.

Breathe easy! Be calm and optimistic when and if you face such a situation or predicament however you’d like to put it, grab the ball, think of it as a chance to improve and grow in the process.

Strive to be a better you tomorrow, and do not sleep till the critics clap at your success!

Cheers πŸ˜€

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