“Her Poignant Dole”


Amidst all the development and technological advances, this world faces one of its most appalling and darkest nightmares- Domestic Violence against women coupled with Male Chauvinism.

A bΓͺte noire that undoubtedly sends shivers up any self respecting individuals’ spine, irrespective of sex (predominantly women). We live in a society today which only on the outside, is a garland freshly sprayed, perfumed and exhibited.

But peek inside, peek a little more, because here’s where lies the real story of the colossal percentage of woman and the atrocities they face everyday, gruesomely abused either physically or verbally.

But who’s to question? Who’s to be rightfully inculpated for this?’.

The Men? Society? Development maybe….leading to more work, followed by more stress perhaps?!. Aren’t we (men here) so good at pointing those damn fingers at everyone and everything else but ourselves, so please do the honours, do suit yourselves !.


It’s not a candyland juvenescence for most of us youngsters who’ve grown up witnessing such rancorous sights, since our tiny selves tighly grabbing hold of anything around us or standing behind walls with tears in our eyes innocently watching/contemplating, unaware of how to react, but hoping to god it stops, while it mentally damages us bit by bit and eventually hardwires into our DNA.

But it’s not the first time or the last. It’s definitely not a pretty sight helplessly witnessing your mother being subjugated to such oppression or physical abuse. We’re also faced with an even more challenging question at times!

Who’s side are we on?…You damn well know, either ways it’s your funeral.

Often we’ve heard our elders advising us- “Stay out of it child !”

‘But for how long are we going to do this, convincing ourselves, adjusting with the situation and moving on?’.

Unfortunately, young men of this generation too are being no different, genetically hardwired or maybe you just learn from your elders. Such role-models aren’t they. But how about self evaluating what is morally right and wrong?’.

Sure common sense doesn’t explain that anymore today, situations and circumstances do.

It’s rather saddening when even today, you come across your so called friends in their early adoloscents having this discussion and passing judgements like – “Women! Control/keep them under your thumb, else you’ll be the sheep”.

Such arrogance! Ignorance! Disgrace to humanity! Do they (women) not deserve to live? Do they not have a life?’.

They’re sure not pawns who can be played with any which way a man pleases, but well, Male Chauvinism is at it’s best. So Kudos to that.

All this being said, times are changing, and with it so should we. I’m sure a majority will agree that the women are making a mistake by not taking such things in a much more serious discourse.

But well, hold that thought for a moment and think !

She’s a mother, someone’s sister, a daughter and most of all someone’s wife if that means anything. So much responsibility, and being humans that we are, living in a society so diverse, decisions on such matters now become more complex and punishing, as the first things to cross our minds would be- “What would the society think?”; “What would people make of us?”. 

Being a woman, things do not even stop at this. If you are born in societies of countries like India or the like, well its only for the worst. A major chunk of women even today are dependent on their husbands for their livelihoods and practically have nowhere else to go. Moreover even if they do decide to get away from such insinuation, what’s going to happen to their progenies. Somewhere laced up in this conundrum, they just settle and learn to live with this.

‘But, who cares right ?’.

Men want what they want, and yes there is no denying the fact that they would go to any extent to prove they are the stronger sex in all facets

Being blatantly honest, Men portray such behaviour and arrogance not because they’re strong, but because they are so tangled up in their own web of insecurities that they just can’t live themselves anymore and in the end choose to prove to their shameful selves, they’re better than the rest.

Funny part is, when you rightfully blame them (men here) or even as much as point your fingers at them to hold them responsible for their own wrong-doing, they crawl out of that little hole playing the victim card boldly tagging ’emselves as the always misconstrued lot. Really?’.

It’s about time they (men) get a reality check. She’s not of a lower stature than you in the society anymore. Do not forget, if it wasn’t for her, you’d not even be here, and dare do that with your own mother who you say you respect so much.Or maybe even that is an ‘if’.


We’re Homo Sapiens, as the word rightly indicates, a much more mentally equipped and developed specie capable of wonders. So let’s make justice to that, rather than showing signs of Quadrupeds or any other specie under the genus Canis for starters. As discourteous as it sounds, this is the bitter truth and lets face it, we’re not incongnizant to this fact.

A humble request,

Let’s be humans first. She has as much right to speak up or voice her concerns as do  you, and do not treat her any less than you would the people of your own sex. Most of all, I would also like to add that she is not your punching bag at the end of a strenuous or stressful day.

We can be better! Let’s give her the respect she rightfully deserves.

‘Let’s be the Change. Let’s make the world a better place to live in !’



“Inspired by the rising number of domestic violence cases and the atrocities women face and yet do not get a platform or a chance to speak up and justify their concerns.”


26 Replies to ““Her Poignant Dole””

  1. The one thing that everyone needs to understand is that women are no less than men. In fact, we are all equal. And you have delivered that in this blog.
    Good job

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  2. Good 1 Abhi !!! The answer lie within ourselves… We can’t just be clapping on for movies related to Domestic Violence on women. . . Guys!!! We gotta be practical … We lets useall our egos,grudge n anger against all this shit around women of our society.

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    1. That’s so true Mikie. Well I hope some of us can change the the community even if it is just 2 or 3 people at a time…let’s work day and night towards this goal. Thank you so much Mikie πŸ˜€


    1. It is one of those underrated untouched topics we should talk about more often. Unless we speak more regarding this the community will not wake up….Thank you so much again @Afzal


  3. Very well crafted. All the areas of worry have been targeted. I do hope that those men out there are reading this. To be honest it is high time we target an issue like Domestic Violence.
    Very well written. Keep it up!

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