“Judging the book by its cover”


Why is it that we often tend to fall to conclusions? We don’t even open the book, but the cover seems to fill our cup even before taking a journey into the pages to really understand the depth and what it contains. This is the reality.

What am going to share with you, is a story of that fun loving person who was clean at heart, always caring, jovial, a person who if you would have just not judged him by his looks, would have perhaps amazed you.

Wandering on the streets of Bangalore, I met this 19 year old staring at the fences of the park delved in deep imagination.
“what is he thinking? Is he okay? Is he looking at someone? Does he want something?…”

Clouded by questions and mostly curiosity I looked at him, and then I caught the direction where he was looking….
It was a beautiful young woman playing with this small kid in the park, mid 20’s, pretty, curly hair, blue eyes and she was involved in a game with this child.

Looking back at him I saw his face droop dull, and that sadness and anguish in his expressions melted me from deep within.

That urge grew from within to walk up to him and ask him to talk to her, but I thought it’s right for me to just watch for the time being. What followed surprised me, but not in a good manner. This girl walked up to him and asked him why he was staring, although the poor guy didn’t say a word as it all seemed so sudden. She questioned him again, this time…firmly!
He still wouldn’t say a word.

Practically thinking, she could have slapped him, called the people around or those 1001 things a girl must and should do given her safety, but instead she opted to abuse and curse him for his wrong doing and also probably for that ‘not so good looking’ face which will be justified later in this story, and walked away in agony and disgust.

Well, what she did, was it right ?! In her point of view- Yes, Absolutely! I thoroughly agree it’s wrong to stare, but I could see it in his eyes that he had no wrong intentions…..

It shook me up when I saw a drop of tear break out of his eye and eventually started crying falling on towards the curb below the fence that separates the park from the pavement…my heart went out for that poor fellow and I finally went up to him. Given the situation, handed him my handkerchief as a courtesy which he initially declined but took eventually anyways. Let him settle down for a bit and then in a friendly tone I asked him taking the handkerchief from his hands, as to why he was staring at that girl playing with the little boy in the park?’.

What I heard then broke me to tears but I tried to control as much as I could and stayed strong probably for him more than myself. On being asked the reason, he said to me “How I wish I could get that kind of love, that compassion, that holding hand, the voice of that caring person scolding you sweetly and asking you to be careful when your innocent little legs are padding around in the park and you are enjoying those little things a plausible 5 year old would do”. I still did not seem to understand until I heard what came next – “My family passed away in a road accident when I was a 6 year old, I wasn’t brought up so well as my relatives abandoned me and I was eventually brought up in an orphanage, I know I don’t look so well given my upbringing and also as I don’t get much food, money or any other amenities you probably would (he said looking at me), but I wish I can get all this in the coming future”.

That goal, that commitment, that compassion and more than everything, that passion to achieve and do something woke me up. Conversed with him for some time and got to know more about him…diverted the topic and made sure he smiled before I left and also made sure I gave him that hug to make him feel wanted, cared for and secure.

Later, that evening….
I seemed to understand one thing that life taught me that day, the hard way- “It isn’t the looks that defines you, it is your heart, it is who you are and how you treat the people around you, a person with good looks will not give you happiness and necessarily also be compassionate, it’s a person with a good heart. Young women and girls of today’s generation have to take a learning from this and same goes with young adults”.

She might have abused him but he did not say a word or do anything, sadly could not even explain, but I’ll tell you what ?! Had it been that cute guy who I noticed staring at her in the park, who she looked at and smiled back….She could have done the same here too ?! But no, looks come first right ?! Who cares about personality ?!

This is a request to all of you out there,
If you are going to judge someone by the looks, you are making a grave mistake. It’s not in the face, it’s in the heart of the person that defines him or her, hence I request all of you to stop being biased and start being open minded and learn to be nice to everyone. Let’s be humans first.

Life truly teaches you so much every time you look closely.

“Traces of infinity”
Abinay Rao

46 Replies to ““Judging the book by its cover””

  1. Really it’s a good article bestiee… It’s just a cover u hv started now… Still the entire book is pending & a long way to go.. All the best..

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    1. I really hope you liked it ma’am. Thanks for being such an inspiring and amazing mentor. I will keep up to your expectations ma’am πŸ˜€
      Thank you so much for the kind wordsπŸ˜€πŸ˜Š
      Hope I can keep delivering.


    1. Thank you soo much Chantelle 😘😘
      Hope you liked it ! Please do keep following my upcoming blogs….I hope I can keep inspiring and motivating πŸ˜€


  2. It was a good article which is been experienced by me also , you truly inspired me and others as well ..! Hope you write more articles of similar kind;
    Looking forward for your next(future) blog .
    Good luck !!!

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  3. Wow Abhi..great write up..it’s a true fact that v always end up judging people by their looks and don’t even give them a chance to understand who they really are or rather say don’t give ourselves a chance/thought of what might be behind that lovely heart..an eye opener and a must read for every person..your writing is pure and well expressed..throughly enjoyed..keep up the good writing and many more to come..good luck😍

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  4. Abhi ,
    I totally preach all that you’ve written.
    I believe in spreading the good vibes and positivity and making the world a better place .
    As Selena says ,
    Kill’em with kindness . πŸ’
    I strongly vouch for that . Being nice to people . Not judging them . Respecting them for who they are .
    I am glad you do too.
    Spread the love . πŸ’Ÿ
    Do well πŸ™‚

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  5. If everyone saw people the way that you do the world would be a better place. Writing this article is one small step in that direction and I hope this as well as your future posts inspires others to start thinking differently. I believe that in focusing our efforts on being compassionate and helping others we too find happiness. Nicely written. 😊

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    1. Thanks a lot for those kind words….and absolutely! I really hope we can be the stepping stones by understanding these little things in life and imbibing them….We can definitely make the world a better place to live in πŸ˜€

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  6. A real deep meaning in this prose. Very well written. People need to have their mentality widened a lot. Jumping to conclusions and taking the erong step, just to make you regret lifelong fetches nothing. Really well expressed and narrated Abhinay.
    Spread the word of love and kindness, as usual! Proud of you buddy. Respect to you.

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    1. Rachit thank you so much for the taking the time off to read this πŸ˜€ and it really really means a lot coming from you 😁😁 please do spread the love and please do follow the upcoming blogs 😊😊 thank you so much again


  7. Amazing article πŸ˜…
    It really touched my heart
    The way U’ve expressed the boys story and his feelings is just amazing
    Good job!!😊

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